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New House Requirement Detail


  • Each and every of the Lots described above shall be known and described as Residential Lots, and no structure shall be constructed or erected on any Residential Lots other than one (1) detached single family dwelling not to exceed two (2) stories in height, including an attached two-car garage.



  • No building or permanent structure shall be erected on any of said Lots nearer than forty (40) feet to the front lot line of said Lots, nor nearer than ten (10) feet to any interior side lot lines.  No structure shall be permitted nearer than thirty (30) feet to the rear lot line.  For the purpose of this covenant, eaves and steps shall be considered as part of the permanent structure.  Concerning corner Lots, no structure shall be permitted nearer than thirty-two feet (32) feet from the side lot line running along the road.  Swimming pools, with or without enclosures, may not be erected or placed on the Lots unless and until the Committee has approved their location and architectural and structural design in writing.

  • When two or more Lots are used as one building site, the setback restrictions set forth in Paragraph 2.01 of this Article and easements shall apply to the exterior perimeter of the combined site, and the property owner must build across the Lot line or lines.



  • None of the said Lots shall be divided or re-subdivided unless both portions of said Lots are to be used to increase the size of an adjacent Lot or the adjacent Lots as platted. Divided portions of Lots must extend in a straight line from fronting street line to existing real property line. No lot shall be replatted, with the exception of Lot 38, which may be replatted as a roadway to contiguous property.

  • No property or Lot in this subdivision shall be built on that is less than one-half (1/2) acre.

  • Every structure placed on any Lot shall be constructed from material, which has been approved in writing by the Committee.

  • No residence shall be constructed or maintained upon any Lot which shall have a smaller liv­ing floor area (exclusive of porches, patios, and garages) than 2,000 square feet. If any of the structures he two-story, the minimum ground floor living area (exclusive of porches, patios, and garages) shall be 950 square feet.

  • No window air-conditioning units shall be installed in any side of a building, which faces an access way, unless prior approval has been obtained from the Committee.

  • All Lots shall be sodded with grass from the structure to the paved street in the front and from the structure to the lot line on the side. Driveways and walkways excluded.

  • Underground irrigation systems are required.

  • Driveways on all Lots shall be of a hard surface material connecting from the structure to the paved street.

  • Concrete culverts are required under driveways.

  • To contain building trash during construction phase, a suitable trash dumpster, temporary trash enclosure (examples: wood or wire fencing) is strongly encouraged.  Fines will be levied for excessive trash blowing from construction site to surrounding lots and streets.

  • To protect the roadway edges, temporary dirt driveways must be used for heavy truck or machine egress onto lot.

  • Street or neighborhood damage due to construction must be properly repaired or estimated repair charges paid to the association prior to Architectural Design Committee sign-off on the construction.



A.    Review and approval, rejection, or request for additional information of applications, drawings, and plans submitted to the Architectural Design Committee will be made within thirty (30) days of the date received by the Architectural Design Committee.  

B.    Variances may be granted, although applicants should be aware that approval by the Architectural Design Committee does not alter any easement right.  Any structures built within easements are subject to removal without compensation during utility repair or construction.  

C.    St. Johns County building permits must be prominently displayed at front of property and must be visible from the street.  No other signs may be erected.  

D.    After the Architectural Design Committee approval has been made, no changes, additions, or deletions are to be made without approval by the Architectural Design Committee. Plans for any proposed changes must be submitted to the Architectural Design Committee for their approval.   

E.    The St. John’s County Building Department will grant certificate of occupancy after sign-off by the Architectural Design Committee.



Along with the application for new house construction, the Architectural Design Committee must be provided with:

  • Two (3) completed and signed copies of Architectural Design Committee Application. 

  • Two (3) complete sets of architectural drawings. 

  • Two (3) complete sets of landscape plans showing general location of underground sprinkler system. 

  • Two (3) copies of site plan clearly showing location of driveways(s), sidewalk(s), setbacks, and locations of all improvements. 

  • Color selections and samples, including driveways, sidewalks, roofs, siding, and trim. 

  • Example photographs, sketches, brochures, or other documents that will give the Architectural Design Committee sufficient information to make a decision.



Along with the application for improvement of an existing structure or lots, the Architectural Design Committee must be provided with: 

  • Two (3) complete sets of documents that accurately depict what improvement will look like when completed.  Some examples are:

  • Architectural drawings

  • Landscape plans

  • Brochures

  • Photographs

  • Sketches 

  • Two (3) copies of site plan clearly showing location of all improvements. 

  • Applicable color selections and samples. 

  • Many improvements have the potential to impact your neighbors.  It is highly recommended that neighbors directly impacted in some way by your improvements be consulted prior to application to the ADC.  Neighbor comments may be included.



All applications must include approximate start and completion dates.  Delays greater than three (3) months must be brought back to the board for further review and approval.

Completed Applications and all supporing Documents should be submitted to the Office of the Manager, no later than NOON on the day of the Architectural Design Committee Meeting (see the Community Calendar for dates and times).


Office of the Manager:

2695 Dobbs Road, St. Augustine, FL  32086 


by email to:

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